Replacement Windows

Replacement windows do more to make your home livable than almost any other home improvement you can make. New energy saving windows provide extra security, easy tilt-to-clean operation, more air-tightness (that means allergen reduction and improved comfort) and outside noise reduction too…but the first thing that you and your neighbors are going to notice is the beautiful update you have made by your home window replacement.

Window Kingdom was started in Longview Texas in 2008 to service East Texas and the Dallas - Ft. Worth Texas area.  In East Texas, our service area includes not only Longview, but Kilgore, Henderson, Gladewater, Hallsville, Gilmer, Overton, Arp, Troup and the surrounding areas as well.

Call us out for a free estimate and you will discover that you really don't have to sacrifice great service to get high quality windows at an everyday low price!

If you are looking for new windows for an existing home, we can easily replace your drafty, leaky, thin, ugly old windows with new double pane vinyl windows in just a day or two!

Replacement Window Pricing and Brands

We offer honest upfront pricing on brand names you know – like NT Window, Simonton, Don Young Company, just to name a few. Our Pricing page on this website even makes it possible for you to price out your own windows  - before anyone ever even drops by to show you a sample in person.

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Tax Credit for Energy Star Replacement Windows

Every window we sell typically qualifies for the Energy Star Tax Credit. These new government guidelines have encouraged the industry to improve energy performance dramatically in just the last few years. You can get up to $200 in a direct tax credit if you install Energy Star replacement windows.

Replacement Window Installation

Installing replacement windows is a quick easy change-out job for our craftsmen. Hard work? Yes…but they make it look easy! Vinyl replacement window installation is one of the easiest, cleanest, most painless home improvements you can make. Window Kingdom typically uses only use custom sized windows, specially manufactured for your home, measured to the eighth of an inch to give the best fit possible. Your home will hardly even warm up or cool down while we work, regardless of the outside temperature. And our crews are trained to protect your home in case of unexpected rain. It's all in a day's work! Windows are sealed with high quality caulks and sealants to assure the long term integrity of our workmanship. Your brick and siding remains intact while the work is performed.

Existing blinds and drapes will still work in almost every case.

A very minor paint touch-up is generally the most you would ever need to do, if even that, once a window installation crew has finished. Imagine this: You leave your old, faithful, but somewhat drabby home for work and, usually, by the end of the same day, it shines like a new penny when you return! Your new vinyl windows are just waiting for you to notice them! And notice them you will…so will your neighbors and everyone else who drops by. Home owners are always pleasantly surprised when they find out how easy it was for you to replace your old windows.

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Replacement Window Colors

It used to be that the only colors you had to choose from were white or beige. Well, that's all changed now. Adobe color-clear-through vinyl windows by Don Young Company and Driftwood color-clear-through vinyl windows by Simonton are now available. And that's not all! The NT Presidential Window now offers nine different painted vinyl window exterior colors, all done "in-house" to assure you the best quality finish. Just visit our Products page to see these exciting new vinyl replacement window colors.

Three different woodgrain finishes are available for the interior of the NT Presidential series, if you prefer that to white or beige or tan.

Types of Replacement Windows

Our bestselling windows are single hung vinyl windows and double hung vinyl windows.But if you need crank out casement windows, fixed picture windows, special shaped windows, large windows, small windows or whatever, just call or message us from our Contact page. We can explain all your options so you can make the best choice.

Long ago, we studied the market and picked out the product lines to offer that provide the best value and serviceability for you. Our product offerings are increased when we find a new, real value for you in the marketplace.

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